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Unattended Children in ITS Facilities

Objective: This policy attempts to balance Information Technology Service's desire to be supportive of the needs of students and protective of the dangers for unattended children in public places. The staff of ITS is sympathetic to the demands of parents who are attempting to balance work, school and childcare; however, ITS facilities cannot be assumed to be a safe place for unattended children.

Policy: Young children (14 years of age and under) are permitted in ITS facilities only when under the direct supervision of a responsible adult (18 years of age or older) who is an authorized user of ITS facilities. (see Guests and Children in ITS Facilities).

Procedure: When a staff member observes an unsupervised young child (as defined above), the staff member should approach the child and try to determine who is supervising the child. The staff member should identify him/herself as an employee of Information Technology Services.

If a supervising adult (as defined above) is not present, the staff member, in a non-threatening way, should try to determine the name and location of the responsible adult.

If the adult is reported to be on campus, the ITS staff member will then call Public Safety and relay the following message:

"This is [your name] from ITS. We have an unattended child in the building. The child has indicated that [his/her] [parent/brother/sister] is [in class/at a meeting/at the bookstore/other]. Would you please locate [his/her] [parent/brother/sister] whose name is [their name] and escort them to [the Academic Technoloyg Center or other ITS facility] to pick up the child?"

Public Safety will then locate the responsible adult and escort him/her to the requested location. The ITS staff member will explain the policy to the adult.

If the adult is not on campus, the ITS staff member will ask the child to leave, unless to do so would put the child at risk (i.e. if the child is too young, if it is dark outside, etc). If it is determined that it is too risky for the child to leave unattended, the ITS staff member will call Public Safety to attempt to determine the child's home telephone number and contact a responsible adult or refer the case to local police.

This policy applies to the children of students and employees of the college as well as the general public.

Adopted 28 February 2003;
Updated 18 February 2016