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Academic Technology Fees

Academic Technology facilities are funded by the Academic Technology (CF) Fee. This fee is automatically charged to students who register for classes a) taught in Academic Technology classrooms b) designated as Online classes, or c) designated as Hybrid classes. This will be indicated on the class listing in the Highline Class Schedule. Each student will pay a maximum of 2 Academic Technology fees per quarter. The current Academic Technology Fee rate is $37.70.

Students who are charged the Academic Technology Fee are granted an additional $10 printing credit during the quarter for which the fee was paid.

For a detailed explanation of student access and privileges, see Student Rights and Responsibilities in ITS Facilities.

Refunds of CF fees will be issued only during the 100% refund period (normally through the 5th class day of the quarter) under the following conditions:

  • Students who withdraw from all classes will get all CF fees refunded.
  • Students who withdraw from some but not all classes may get a refund, depending on how many CF fees were paid and which classes the student remains registered for.

Specific dates for the end of the 100% refund period during each quarter can be found on the Registration and Records website.

Adopted 18 August 2003;
Updated 31 January 2106