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Food and Drink in ITS Facilities

Policy: Food is not to be consumed in classrooms or open lab areas of ITS facilities. Food may be consumed in the lobby and corridors of the Academic Technology Center. Beverages will be allowed in ITS facilities only in spill-proof covered containers.

Procedures: When food is observed, staff will use one or more of the following options:

  • Ask user to finish their food outside the building or in the lobby.
  • Ask user to discard food.
  • Ask user to stow food out of sight in their book bag, if food is in an appropriate container and easily stowed. Potentially messy foods, which are not in containers that seal, must be removed.

Users are encouraged to use rigid, spill-proof containers for their beverages. This encouragement will be accomplished through positive conversation and use of appropriate containers by staff.

Adopted 28 February 2003;
Updated 18 February 2016