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General Policy on the use of ITS Facilities


Information Technology Services (ITS) expects users to conduct themselves in ITS facilities in a manner that is respectful of other users, staff, materials, and facilities. Because of the varying configurations of buildings and the variety of labs and classrooms, it is recognized that noise levels will vary depending on location.

This policy shall apply to all users of ITS facilities, regardless of their affiliation with the College. Refer to Student Rights and Responsibilities in ITS Facilities and Highline College Student Rights and Responsibilities for in-depth information regarding student conduct. All users are required to abide by the terms of the College's Computing Resources Appropriate Use Policy.


The following are prohibited in ITS facilities:

  • Behavior that is unsafe, putting the individual, other users, or staff at risk of harm.
  • Behavior that contributes to excessive noise levels, including but not limited to loud talking, shouting, screaming, making other loud noises, or using mobile phones in a loud manner. Volume, duration, and location of the behavior are all factors that will be considered in determining whether this policy has been violated.
  • Behavior that damages the property of the College or of other users, including but not limited to marking or destroying materials, furniture or facilities.
  • Behavior that is verbally or physically abusive, harassing or threatening to college staff or other users.
  • Consuming food except in designated areas. Refer to Food and Drink in ITS Facilities.
  • Smoking or use of other tobacco products.
  • Misappropriation or misuse of college resources, including but not limited to equipment, furniture, and services.
  • Use of any college resources, including the campus network, for any project resulting in personal financial gain or the financial gain of a business, or for any activities prohibited by law.
  • Making unauthorized changes to the configuration of any hardware or software resources.
  • Installing, removing or copying software; using or running any unauthorized software in college facilities, including software run from portable or removable media.
  • Sharing account logons or passwords.
  • Behavior that is prohibited by other rules or policies of the College or by other applicable laws.

Because each disruptive situation is unique, ITS staff must exercise reasonable judgment in assessing the behavior and enforcing the policy. ITS staff shall make every effort to apply these standards of conduct in a fair, equal, and positive manner for the benefit of all. Staff members are responsible for knowing the security reporting structure in the event action is needed to end a disruptive situation. When in doubt as to whether the behavior constitutes a violation of this policy or as to what action to take, staff are to refer the matter to a supervisor or administrator.

Procedure for ITS Facility Disruptions

Information Technology Services staff members will take appropriate steps to end disruptions, including requesting identification and/or involving the Office of Public Safety when necessary. Depending on the nature of the disruption, more than one staff member may need to investigate a disruption.

  1. When disruptive behavior is identified, the staff member(s) shall request that the user(s) discontinue the disruptive behavior.
  2. If the disruptive behavior continues or resumes, the staff member(s) will either ask the individual(s) to leave the facility or call the Office of Public Safety to come and intervene, depending on the nature of the disruption.

Serious or Repeat Violations

In the event of a serious or repeated violation by a Highline College student, Information Technology Services will initiate disciplinary procedings through the student judicial process as allowed by the Washington Administrative Code, Section 1321-125 regarding Highline College Student Conduct. Consequences may include temporary or permanent revocation of all Academic Technology privileges and/or a ban from use of ITS facilities.

In the event of a serious or repeated violation on the part of persons other than Highline College students, a written warning from the Executive Director of Information Technology Services will be issued. Consequences may include temporary or permanent revocation of all Academic Technology privileges and/or a ban from use of ITS facilities.

Adopted 28 February 2003;
Updated 20 December 2004;
Updated 24 September 2014;
Updated 31 January 2016