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Guests and Children in ITS Facilities

Information Technology Services is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to study and research in order to fulfill its role of supporting the College's educational mission.

Pursuant to the Instruction Policy on Guests and Children On Campus, there is no inherent right to bring non-enrolled individuals (guests or children) into classes. Faculty members have full authority to deny such access to classrooms and to discourage such requests.

While ITS recognizes the occasional need for an authorized user to have a guest or child accompany them to the Academic Technology Center in emergency or other unique situations, bringing guests or children to the ATC is generally discouraged. Guests or children of authorized users of ITS facilities will be allowed in the open lab areas of the ATC only under the following conditions:

  • The authorized user may be accompanied by no more than one (1) guest or child at any time.
  • The authorized user is responsible for the conduct of their guest or child and must remain with them for the duration of their visit to the Academic Technology Center.
  • Only the authorized user may use college equipment. Use of a myHighline account is prohibited by anyone other than the authorized user.
  • During peak usage times, a guest may be asked to surrender their seat for use by an authorized user.
  • The General Policy on the use of ITS Facilities applies to guests and children, as well as the authorized user.

If an adult guest is left unattended, they will be asked to leave the facility. If a child is left unattended, please refer to the policy on Unattended Children in ITS Facilities. If a guest or child is disruptive or violating any ITS or college rules, including the use of an authorized user's myHighline account, please refer to the General Policy on the Use of ITS Facilities.

Adopted 28 February 2003;
Updated 18 Feburary 2016