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Student Rights and Responsibilities in ITS Facilities

  • Any currently enrolled student is eligible to access ITS facilities This will be issued in the form of a myHighline account for access to computers in ITS facilities during normal hours of operation, and for access to Highline College online resources.

  • We reserve the right to specify hours of access to hardware and software resources.

  • We reserve the right to limit the access to hardware and software resources.

  • A student may use the hardware and software resources made available for student use in ITS facilities for any academic assignment or project related to Highline College instructional activities, and to access Highline's library and information resources.

  • As members of the college community, students are encouraged, through free inquiry and free expression, to develop their capacity for critical judgment and to engage in sustained and independent search for knowledge. It is the responsibility of the student to observe and help maintain appropriate conditions in the classroom, on campus, and in the larger community.

  • All users are required to abide by the terms of the College's Computing Resources Appropriate Use Policy.

  • A student's behavior must be consistent with the behavior as outlined under WAC 132I-125-100.  Sections specific to ITS resources include but are not limited to (3) Cyber Misconduct and (16) Misuse of Electronic Resources. As members of the Highline College community, students are expected to obey all college rules and regulations and are prohibited from engaging in any unlawful conduct. Any student shall be subject to disciplinary action as provided for in this chapter (See WAC 132I-125-125) who act as a principal actor, aider or abettor, or accomplice as defined in RCW 9A.08.020.

  • Any student using ITS facilities must be logged in to their own account, and must not share their username or password with anyone else.  Any activity in violation of College rules will be the responsibility of the account owner.  In certain situations, users may be required to show proof of identity to College staff.  (WAC 132I-125-100(7))

  • A student may not use ITS resources, including the campus network, for any project resulting in personal financial gain or the financial gain of a business, or for any activities prohibited by law. (WAC 132I-125-100(16))

  • A student may not install or use any software program from outside sources on any Highline College computer, including software installed on portable or removable media. (WAC 132I-125-100(16))

  • A student may not make a copy of any software program licensed to Highline College. (WAC 132I-125-100(16)

  • A student may not make unauthorized changes to the configuration of any hardware or software resources in ITS facilities. (WAC 132I-125-100(16))

  • A student may not display disorderly, abusive or bothersome conduct which interferes with the rights of others or which obstructs or disrupts teaching, research or administrative functions.  (WAC 132I-125-100(3)

Disciplinary Sanctions

Violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action when student conduct in ITS facilities unreasonably interferes with the college's educational responsibilities, its subsidiary responsibilities, or to protect the health and safety of persons on or in college facilities, to maintain and protect college property or private property in ITS facilities, to protect college records, or to provide college information technology services.  The disciplinary process will be followed as utlined in WAC 132I-125-125 and WAC 132I-125-200.  Disciplinary action may include but is not limited to suspension of a student’s myHighline account and loss of Academic Technology privileges.

Adopted 28 February 2003;
Updated 20 December 2004;
Updated 31 January 2016

In accordance with the published Highline College Student Conduct Code, WAC 132I-125 adopted by the Board of Trustees of Community College District 9 on July 9, 1992; Updated 15 June 2015.