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Student File Storage

Students should not store any documents or files on workstations in ITS facilities, including the desktop or any local drives. These locations are cleared each time a user logs out of a computer.

All students with current myHighline accounts are granted 100MB of network storage space.  This space is available from any Academic Technology lab, and will be mapped to the H: drive and My Documents on all Windows workstations.

This space is to be used solely for class related materials, and is subject to the Highline Computing Resources Appropriate Use Policy and the General Policy on the use of ITS Facilities.

Students' files will be retained on Highline servers only as long as they are enrolled and have current myHighline accounts.  Users who no longer have a current myHighline account will have their files removed after two quarters of inactivity.

While ITS staff does their best to maintain the integrity of student file storage, the local network storage should not be considered a permanent storage location.  The network storage is provided as a convenience, and students are strongly encouraged to backup their files to cloud storage or removable media.  Students are also advised to cloud storage or removable media for especially large files. Non-class related materials should not be stored on college servers.

Cloud storage is available through the college on both Google Drive ( and Microsoft OneDrive ( using your myHighline email address and password.  If removable storage is required, USB flash drives are available for purchase from the Highline Bookstore.

Updated 31 January 2016