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Administrative Systems and SMS, FMS, PPMS


What Is Administrative Systems?

Administrative Systems stores mission-critical college data for most aspects of Highline's business.   This data is stored on an off-campus HP9000 server and Administrative Systems provides a means to access this information for college personnel.
Administrative Systems is broken up into many subsystems including these common ones:
SMS - student biographic
PPMS - personnel and payroll
FMS - college financial information
DATAX - report scheduling

How is Administrative Systems accessed?

The Minisoft Secure 92 software on campus employee desktops is standard client for accessing Administrative Systems.  Reflection is also used in areas where cashiering functions are required.  A shortcut to Administrative Systems (via Minisoft) may be found on all desktop PCs in the Start Menu 'All Programs" listing under the "Highline Campus" folder.

Requesting an Administrative Systems account

To receive access to Administrative Systems the employee must first complete the FERPA on-line test

The Supervisor fills out the Administrative Systems Access Request form (Word)  The form needs to be signed by the individual being granted access and the supervisor. 

The form is then sent to the appropriate data controllers for approval (scanned and emailed for quickest creation).  The data controllers then approve and forward the request to ITS for account creation. 

ITS will notify the supervisor once the account is created and a time can be arranged to get the user their account information. 


Highline Data Controllers

SMS (Registration & Admissions)       Lorraine Odom
SMS (Class Schedule, Catalog)          Carrie Davidson
FMS                                                   Cathy Cartwright
PPMS                                                 Sue Williamson