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myHighline Account

Why have a myHighline account

All students are required to create a myHighline account. Your MyHighline username and password will be used to login to Highline computing resources such as:

When using Highline’s computing resources, you are responsible for your online activity. Activating your myHighline account indicates compliance with Highline’s Computer Resources Appropriate Use Policy (AUP).

About activating your myHighline login

Note: CWU and Kaplan students follow these activation steps.

  • Activation only takes a few minutes from any computer with access to the internet. If you are on campus, you can use kiosks available in Buildings 6, 29, 30 and the Library. (campus map)
  • You need an activation code
    • Your activation code is sent in your welcome letter from Admissions. This is a one-time use code which helps us verify your identity.
    • If you did not receive an activation code, please contact the IT SerivceDesk for further assistance. For verification purposes, please provide your Student ID number and full mailing address as it is on file with the college.
    • ABE/ESL and Community Education students should contact their instructor or department to receive their activation code.
  • You will create your username and password and answer a few security questions. Your username will become your email address. This is how you will communicate with instructors, staff and fellow students. It also might be how potential employers contact you. Your username cannot be changed, so please use care when selecting it.

How to use your activation code:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. You will be asked to provide your activation code and other identifying information.
  3. For help