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Staff and Faculty Printing Frequently Asked Questions

In order to reduce the impact of paper use and printing on our environment, and to better utilize scarce financial resources, we are changing how we manage printing. Our ultimate goal is that all local printing will be handled by Pharos print management done on networked printers shared with others in your area.   

When is this happening?

We are using a phased in approach, effective fall quarter 2011, by no longer replacing desk top printers.

What about confidential documents? Everyone will see my stuff!!

All shared printers will eventually have Pharos print management software installed. To retrieve your documents, you will enter your password to select and print YOUR documents only. No one will be able to see or take your documents.

I’m afraid I’ll hog the shared printer if I have a large print job. What are my options?  

Alternatives such as batched and off-peak hour printing, along with advances in electronic document management can help alleviate printer tie-ups.

Sometimes I need to print a large quantity of the same document like a course packet.

Consider electronic formats for your materials. Instructional Design can help faculty explore electronic delivery options for course materials. If you must have printed copies, have them printed at the Highline Print Shop. You’ll find competitive pricing, individualized customer service and quick turn-around times. You can also contact Purchasing to see if an off-campus vendor will better meet your needs.

Ready to give up your desktop printer?

Email to request printer pickup and assistance setting up the shared printer as your default printer.