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Highline Employee It Security Training


Why do we need IT security training?

Employees are our first line of defense against the computer attacks and often the most important.  IT security training reminds us of the unique threats and security issues each of us faces during the course of our regular work day. 

Washingtion State OCIO has mandated yearly security training under the
"Securing Information Technology Assets" policy 140.10 section 1.4.3

Accessing the training

Simply login to canvas at using your Highline username and password. 
This will take you to a "Course" dashboard, where you can select the "SANS Securing the Human" tile. 

There are 10 required modules that make up the official course, which is considered complete when these are finished. 
Each module should take less than 5 minutes to complete and the full 10-module course satisfies the Washington State CIO Office's mandate for yearly employee computer security training.

In addition to the 10 Required Modules there are several other modules available as well:
-"Recommended" modules go into further depth on pinpoint topics relevant to our work at Highline
-"Computer Security at Home" modules talk about computer security on your home computing systems
-Optional, IT, and Finance modules contain topics specific to certain campus groups but we've left them available for everyone as they contain broader, relevant security concepts that apply to us all.

Who has access to the Training? 

Currently Full-time Staff and Faculty and Part-time Faculty have access to this course.  Access for hourly employees may be requested by a department's supervisor by contacting the Helpdesk.