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Highline Student Email:
Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Staff

Beginning in Summer quarter 2010, student email accounts will be the primary method of official communication between students and the campus community (please see the Student Email Policy). All students have access to Highline student email with their MyHighline login.

Why are student email addresses changing?
Highline is providing student email addresses to all students to fill a gap for students who did not already have their own email addresses, to provide a consistent method of communication for all students, and to enable students to access certain resources only available to individuals with .edu email addresses. Previously, not all students had email addresses in our systems, and those that did were not always accurate. This will give us a consistent place to send all student communications.

When are student email addresses changing?
On June 15, 2010, all student email addresses for students who have activated their MyHighline account will be updated in Canvas and SMS/Instructor Briefcase. Other students' emails will be added to the system as they activate.

Should I inform my students?
Suggested procedures have been emailed to all instructors via the Canvas Announcements and all-faculty email lists. Suggestions and how-to guides are also available from Instructional Design.

 How will students get their Canvas email?
Starting June 15, emails sent from Canvas to a student's internet mail account will go to their Highline Student Email account. Students have the ability to forward messages from their Highline Student email account to another email account.

How can I find my students' email addresses?
You can access your student email account by visiting and logging in with your student email address and MyHighline account password.

How do students get their email address?
Student email addresses are automatically set up when a student activates their MyHighline account. All newly admitted students receive a letter with an activation code and instructions for activating their MyHighline account. When they activate their account, they will be told how to access their student email.
Your student email address is composed of your MyHighline account username and uses the same password as your MyHighline account.
For example, if your username is 'myhighlineusername' then your student email address would be:

What about students who don't get activation packets?
Students who do not get normal activation packets, such as ABE/ESL, Community Education, and International students, will receive information through their respective departments.

How can I reach my students if they have not activated?
If a student has not yet activated their MyHighline account, whatever email address they provided upon application to Highline (if any) will be available in Canvas and SMS/Instructor Briefcase. Any message sent via Canvas to unactivated students will be sent to that email address. Once activated, Canvas and SMS/Instructor Briefcase will be updated with their student email address.

Can I send an email to all Highline students?
The college's student email procedures dictate that all-student emails must be approved by a Vice President or the President or their designee. Methods for the approval and sending of those messages are currently under development and should be available fall quarter.

Can I send an email to a group of Highline students?
Faculty can send messages to their students at any time. The easiest way to accomplish this is through Canvas. If you need assistance with sending email to your class via Canvas, please contact the IT ServiceDesk.

The college's student email procedures allow for opt-in lists for distribution of information to groups of student who choose to sign up for them. Methods for subscribing to and sending to these lists are currently under development and will be available by fall quarter. If your department is interested in having an opt-in list for distrubuting information to students, please fill out a IT ServiceDesk Request Form or email the IT ServiceDesk at

If you have further questions about Highline Student Email, please fill out a IT ServiceDesk Request Form or email the IT ServiceDesk at